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Snap fasteners (also called press stud, popper, snap or tich) are mechanical fasteners that close or lock with a clicking or snapping sound. There are two different types of snaps currently in the market, post-style and prong-style. The prong-style snap buttons are used in many applications but major in garments and handcrafted items. They are best used with loosely woven or knit fabrics.

Open prong fastener materials can be made from stainless steel, nickel-plated brass or iron. At Buttoncare, our fastener sets are primarily made of brass, which meets the various fastening and tensile strength standards of major national safety regulations, as well as the MSDS recommendations of the CPSC (CPSIA) and REACH (SVHC) regulations for total Nickel, Lead, Tin, Chromium, Cobalt and Zinc contents.


We provide various diameters of prong ranges from 7.2mm (12 Line) to 26mm (31 Line) as table below; Available with varying prong length from standard to extra-long types.

It can be applicable to the different fabric layer thicknesses. Fulfilling the requirements of most applications as found in garment and craft items.

Top DiameterApplications
Open Prong Fastener
7.2mm (12L ~ 9/32") ; 8.2mm (13L ~ 21/64")New Born & Doll clothes
Open Prong Fastener
9mm / 9.3mm (14L ~ 23/64") ; 9.5mm / 9.7mm (15L ~ 3/8")Infants, Toddlers & Children wears
Open Prong Fastener
10mm / 10.5mm (16L ~ 13/32") ; 11mm / 11.5mm (17L ~ 11/16") ; 12mm / 12.5mm (18L ~ 23/32") ; 13mm / 13.5mm (20L ~ 1/2") ; 14mm / 14.5mm (22L ~ 9/16") ; 15mm (24L ~ 19/32")Adults Clothing & Fabric Craft items
Open Prong Fastener
14mm (22L ~ 9/16") ; 15mm (24L ~ 19/32") ; 16mm (25L ~ 5/8") ; 20mm / 20.8mm (32L ~ 13/16") ; 24mm (36L ~ 29/32") ; 26mm (41L ~ 2-1/64")
⚠ Buttoncare ® uses millimeter for the datum of measurement unit. A value of inch is an approximation figures convert from millimeter, which might not be equivalent to the actual measurements of millimeter.
▲ As increasing product variety increases the requests of customers finding different size specification that match with their needs. Above measurements might not precisely be shown as well as variation that might have already been affected. These measurements may be outdated or obsolete as a result of the rapid action modification of and new products caused. We appreciate it may take some time to get the necessary update information. Please contact us so we can provide further information and the solutions offer.

The new era of Buttoncare post-style snaps : COLORSNAPS ®


We believe that brand need to architect frictionless customer experiences based on interoperability in order for every level of customers to see the value and for the industry to 'cross the chasm' into mass-market appeal. Besides we serving corporation customers, we built the new brand called Colorsnaps ® at 2012, which aims to focus since there is such an endless range of fasteners retailing business in worldwide. That's why we are focusing its efforts on Business to Business and also Business to Consumer integration with our marketing framework for one brand in operation together. Uses our branding to make its product outpace the competition in the industry.

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