All the rings & loops we make is tailor built for every customers.

A metal loop is an item of hardware, usually a tie-down metal ring shaped like the letter D used primarily as a lashing point. Metal shape of D-rings and O-rings are extremely common and useful. Mainly used for functionality such as making a strap adjustable, these metal d-rings can also be used as decoration on purse straps and more. It may be also used at the end of a leather or fabric strap, or may be secured to a surface with a metal or fabric strap.


Buttoncare trusted world-wide for our impeccable production standards for ring and loop hardware products. We produces solid brass & steel rings in multiple sizes and finishes. Our range of d-rings, o-rings, single loops, square rings, rectangles and fashion loops will have you designing new projects, bags, clothing and more in no time at all.

Customer can order from our available styles or custom options; our products are available in a range of sizes and finishes. If you are able to intend orders these regular or customization types, reach out to our team of professions, to discuss your upcoming projects.

Product Demonstration Examples

We manufactured in many different types of style that can not be listed completely out of limited range herein. For this reason just a few, the following best examples can help give you a better intuitive grasp of the tradition and modernity styles from us. These demos with both practical and fashionable functions that come close to expectating in the market trends.

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⚠ Before using, above examples may cover the trademark for an object having practical utility; the object that is substantially similar to the claimed in a design cannot be reproduced, used or similar to your design. Important: A similar design that you may be violating the trademark infringement.

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In fact, we are many exclusively made for designer brands in worldwide. Buttoncare ® product series increases attire for occasions ranging from a casual, high fashions and other professional applications.

If you are unsure of which style and size, our team is always available to provide you with additional details so you can make the best possible choice.