The style of tradition to innovative fastener in sew-on snaps.

Apparel fastenings are details that we often take for granted. Snap Fasteners are a type of closure used to secure garment openings. Sew-on snaps are one of the simplest fasteners ever designed. They are an easy way to fasten garments & sewing projects. They are two sided with one side attached to each edge of an item requiring fastening. Use them on cuffs, or tabs and pocket flaps. Snaps are flat and usually meant to be hidden. It can be made of brass or plastic, and they come in a variety of diameters from smallest to largest.

Sew-On Snaps (Coated)

Make it easy to conceal the closure when no decorative finish is desired or when sewing a buttonhole would prove difficult. They are ideal to use on baby bibs & rompers, heavy-duty closures for backpacks, sleeping bags or any item where the type of closure is to be concealed. With its variety of diameters, circle / square shapes & multiple electroplated color finishes.


Sew-On Fabric Covered Snaps

These larger sew-in style snaps are designed to be covered with a tightly woven lightweight fabric, often silk, to conceal the closure; they're used in high-fashion garments, most often in fur coats. They are fabric-covered forms with a separate back piece that secures the fabric over the knob. Covered snaps with fabric to blend in with garment fabric.

At Buttoncare, our fastener sets are primarily made of brass, which meets the various fastening and tensile strength standards of major national safety regulations, as well as the MSDS recommendations of the CPSC (CPSIA) and REACH (SVHC) regulations for total Nickel, Lead, Tin, Chromium, Cobalt and Zinc contents.

We provide various diameters of round & square type ranges from 6mm (10 Line) to 30mm (46 Line) & 11mm² to 26mm² respectively; available with varying custom plating or fabric dyed to a custom color.

In addition, the all-new Alloy sew-on snap series come in a variety of plated finishes and shapes to fit all customer needs. It can be applicable to the contemporary fashion & clothing to the crafting items. Buttoncare ® is your one source for the world’s finest sew-on snap fasteners at the reliable quality. Please see below to view some specifications & related product images.

ModelsNumber of HolesDiameters
CLASSIC / FABRIC COVERED46mm (10L ~ 1/4") ; 7mm (12L ~ 9/32") ; 8mm (13L ~ 5/16") ; 10mm (16L ~ 13/22") ; 12mm (18L ~ 23/32") ; 14mm (22L ~ 9/16") ; 15mm (24L ~ 19/32")
617mm (26L ~ 43/64") ; 18mm (28L ~ 23/32") ; 19mm (30L ~ 3/4") ; 20mm (32L ~ 51/64") ; 21mm (34L ~ 53/64") ; 23mm (36L ~ 29/32") ; 25mm (40L ~ 63/64") ; 28mm (44L ~ 1-7/64") ; 30mm (48L ~ 1-3/16")
EU816mm (25L ~ 41/64") ; 19mm (30L ~ 3/4") ; 22mm (34L ~ 7/8") ; 25mm (40L ~ 63/64") ; 30mm (48L ~ 1-3/16") ; 35mm (54L ~ 2-1/8")
SQUARE811mm² (7/16") ; 13mm² (5/16") ; 15mm² (19/32") ; 16mm² (41/64") ; 18mm² (23/32") ; 20mm² (51/64") ; 22mm² (7/8") ; 24mm² (61/64'); 26mm² (1-1/32")
CROSS, HEART, HEXAGON, TRIANGLE, LEAF, TWIN CIRCLES, ATOM18mm (28L ~ 23/32") ; 21mm (34L ~ 53/64") ; 23mm (36L ~ 29/32")
FLOWER KNOT, SNOWFLAKE, SQUARE KNOT21mm (34L ~ 53/64") ; 23mm (36L ~ 29/32") ; 25mm (40L ~ 63/64")
LOVING HEARTS22mm (36L ~ 7/8") ; 25mm (40L ~ 63/64")
ROUND MESH, SUN FLOWER25mm (40L ~ 63/64") ; 28mm (44L ~ 1-7/64")
DISC (4H)10mm (16L ~ 13/22") ; 12mm (18L ~ 23/32") ; 14.5mm (23L ~ 37/64") ; 18mm (28L ~ 23/32") ; 21mm (34L ~ 53/64") ; 23mm (36L ~ 29/32") ; 25mm (40L ~ 63/64") ; 28mm (44L ~ 1-7/64") ; 30mm (48L ~ 1-3/16")
DISC (6H)29mm (46L ~ 1-9/64")
⚠ Buttoncare ® uses millimeter for the datum of measurement unit. A value of inch is an approximation figures convert from millimeter, which might not be equivalent to the actual measurements of millimeter.
▲ As increasing product variety increases the requests of customers finding different size specification that match with their needs. Above measurements might not precisely be shown as well as variation that might have already been affected. These measurements may be outdated or obsolete as a result of the rapid action modification of and new products caused. We appreciate it may take some time to get the necessary update information. Please contact us so we can provide further information and the solutions offer.

Product Demonstration Examples

We produce many different types of styles, and it would be impossible to fully list the limited range here. Therefore, here are a few of the best examples to help you visualize our traditional and contemporary styles. These demos are both practical and stylish.

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