Paint metal surface are a very important part of us. Their quality, functional properties and different usability satisfy wide range of requirements in various customer needs.

In this section you can briefly understand the basic concept of the paint coating stages & OEM service on Buttoncare ® products.


We Create Finest Paint Coatings for the Future

Buttoncare ® holds a commanding presence in the fasteners & coating industry. Our technique keep our customers satisfied not only in Asia but throughout the world. Based on the earnestness and attention to detail that arises from Hong Kong company culture, we make sure to support our customers and develop even better businesses.

Due to our professional to environmental friendly products that qualify the international safety standards, we substantially supplemented the products, adding eco-friendly process on all finishes with standard on each sections.

In recent years, the global trend in environmental protection has become more widespread and, as such, the need for anti-corrosion & anti-salt water coatings in metal ware production has increased dramatically.


The following surface finishing techniques which enable quick fulfilment of practically all customers’ wishes for a specific needs.

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Concentrating On Coating Workmanship
As One Of Our Flagship Fields

Our paint coatings, just a few tens of microns in thickness from undercoat to surface to topcoat, are infused with technique to protect our products long-term from the rigors of a harsh environment. In addition, as a division of color-creating workshop, creating the colors that will be popular in the generations to come and developing and providing the colors of the future play an important role here at Buttoncare ®.


Color Matching

As the process of identifying a particular color, color matching is the foundation of the metal refinish paint process. The perfect paint color match is important to every customers. From color matching and measuring devices to formulation software, we used Pantone and X-Rite systems suites of paint mixing solutions designed to produce that perfect match in no time.

BUTTONCARE | OEM Paint Coatings

In the OEM services, professions in the coating factories had always been based on the manufacturers to provide a technique which satisfied the variety of customer requirements. In facts, Buttoncare ® is a manufacturer of fashion and clothing metal ware, and we have been released the coatings jobs to major licensed partners in decade. They have rich experience and knowledge in processing of coat enamels, primers, clear coats, pad prints, epoxy resin drips and paints for plastic-coated parts although we are original manufacturer.

We work with these licensed partners to produce a wide range of products. Our experienced staff on hand to determine the right OEM paint and surface finishes formulation. They perform the project line evaluations to understand how to formulate the most effective and efficient coatings system available. If the operating environment poses challenges for the coatings system, we collaborate with our customers to devise a solution based on the demands of the particular site.


Whether it’s coating of non-ferrous, ferrous and polymers' surface including metal snaps, fasteners, buckles and plastic items, we have the ability and expertise to accommodate jobs of all sizes. We can also provide a cost analysis for the job and assist in the proper equipment selection for the process.

Contact us, and learn how our coating specialists can help reduce cure times and speed up your production.