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Conducting a pre-assessment is the first important step in the identity formation process. In fact, not all logos can be made in the production process, it depends on the lines, fonts and overall design. After you submit your logo, we'll let you know if revisions are required, and explain and recommend the best solution for your situation.

• Trademark, Copyright & Logos

Our company is the legitimate Hong Kong corporation bodies, we need for full compliance with all copyright laws and abidance by the executive regulations issued by the authority and the Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong as well as all relevant international standards. It's important for us to confirm the logos identities of our customers in order to maintain a trusted environment for conducting business.

In order to make your logos in an item, you'll need make sure you submit artwork is an original design, which is not substantially similar, copied or without violating patent and trademark laws in the certain countries. Attention: our company will not be investigate or study to ascertain whether your logos in the declaration is a legal or illegal.

• How to Submit

This is a free service available at our Buttoncare on Small Business to customers of the public who need to make. Please note that we do not provide the designing and re-drawing services. We just advise you an estimated result follow by experience; your actual product outcome may be existed a slightly variance.

Please simply fill out the form below, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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