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There are many styles of decorative ornaments and accessories that can be used to make clothing and leather crafts.

Buttoncare | SMEs listed functional products, but there are many structures, specifications and styles, so it is impossible to show all series. For other specific items, such as leather badges, labels and other sewing items. We have many professional partners can produce other products, but this is not within our scope. Can be customized according to your needs!

• About Low-Volume Manufacturing

Most manufacturers face more challenges in small batch production. In mass production of small metal parts, more order quantity equals more income. Compared with mass production, small batch production is very different from conventional large orders. Factory expenditures can overwhelm materials, machines, workers, and other expenditures, so most manufacturers are not interested in small batch orders. Fortunately, we have developed this solution for small businesses, so you can order a small amount of customized goods at the manufacturer's cost throughout the support process.

• Filling in a Form

When filling in this form, please try to use the maximum order quantity at one time; we may not produce a small amount of product for your next repeat order.

We will review your information as soon as possible and determine whether you are accepted. For reasons of rejection, products that may involve you may not be suitable for development and / or we have received enough other customer orders. If you do not receive a reply within 3 working days from the date of sending the information, we are sorry for your inquiry being suspended due to problems between the costs and production plans.

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