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There are many styles of decorative trimmings and accessories used to manufacture the garments and leather crafts.

At Buttoncare | Small Business, although we are all listed the functional products but there are various in the structures, specifications and styles exerted with other, so we cannot display all our series. About the particular items, we have a numerous partnership with specialized alliances that manufacture other categories outside of our range. We can customize for your needs !

• About Low-Volume Manufacturing

Most manufacturers can be one of the more challenges in low-volume manufacturing. In mass production, more product equals more incomes. Low-volume manufacturing has big differences in a marketplace that focuses on mass production. For low-quantity production, factory expenses can overwhelm your tooling charge, therefore, manufacturers tend to be less responsive to small-quantity orders.

We developed this non-profit project for small businesses so the owners could order lower minimum order quantities of custom items at manufacturer costs throughout our support. We focus your repeated orders more than first time order placement, hence, when filling this form, try to use once time maximum order quantity that come in the order if possible. For repeated order, an order quantity will be higher than original.

We will review your file as quickly as possible and decide whether you will be accepted or declined, due to your item is not suitable for the development or we have already received enough applications. If you do not receive a response to the file within 3 business days from the date of receipt of the application, we are sorry that your file has rejected because the balancing act among item, quantity and production schedule.

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