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We created the world's first online order system in the fastener & metal ware industry.

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BUTTONCARE Launched a New Division Dedicated to Small Businesses

We are not only produce the multinational companies' orders but also helped the micro-small businesses to develop their custom items. This small business (SME) scheme is designed as a response to the growing inquiries for this customer class.

In 2013, we created an ordering platform on small business section - A simple and convenient way for customers to choose and order online, without having to ask price with us that help saves your time and we provide actual and update products and prices.

In this page,We’ll show you how to order in the site

This guideline will cover the basic process. Follow the steps below to gain access to these important parts. Note: In order to get a better reading of all contents and functions at the site, we recommend using your desktop computer browse of the full version.

Register Your Account

When you have a registered account with us, you can use your stored information to speed through online ordering. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about our latest promotions, new benefits, and exclusive offers.

After a successful registration, Buttoncare sends you an activation email. The email contains an activation link which you need to click on when logging in the first time. As soon as your account is activated, you are logged in and can use your account. Please remember input your name, street address and phone number in the address book.


Online Ordering

Once you get back into your account, click the Product Lines to the top navigation. Open the product page for which you want to find the items. Next, you will see the online ordering form.

From here, select the product sizes, options and fill in information under the form section. Once this is completed, the product price will appear on order summary page.

In case you are not sure whether an information for an item or option is correct. Please add an item to your cart. When you are done, please contact us. Our team will review your cart order details and reply you shortly.



You can choose either Paypal or Bank Wire send a USD Payment outside Hong Kong. We offer two convenient ways to send payment for us.

An electronic payment (e-payment), To use Paypal you must have a valid account. If you don’t have it, we'll use another payment gateway "Payoneer" to send request a payment email to you. You may via eCheck, credit card and local bank transfer for make a payment.


Preliminary Evaluation for Your Logo

There's probably not all logos can be made the mold where depend upon line, font type and overall design, therefore, we offer a free pre-evaluation service for estimating production possibility in results.

Click Here to submit your artwork to the SME Team of Buttoncare for pre-evaluation.


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