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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through these Top 10 FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions. If you're a new customer of one of the services below, we encourage you to read through the relevant articles.

1  What does "Tooling For Logo" mean in the order form?

2  I might not able to meet repeated minimum order quantity. How can I do?

3  Why repeated order requires to reach a Minimum Order Quantity?

4  How long does your company keep a mold of my logo?

5  Can I use the same logo to apply other types of item?

6  Can I request a sample?

7  What does it mean by "Vector" Logo on upload file section?

8  What does “As Low As” mean in reference to pricing?

9  How do I pay for an order?

10  How can I make a exchange or refund?

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