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WE ARE HEREThe Good Story

Buttoncare has understood that small to big business ideas, so we spent a long time preparing and launching this plan in the past. In early 2013, we established this small order division. From many years to today, our Buttoncare • SME order zone has developed and delivered countless products for hundreds of customers from all walks of business in the SME environment. We believe that our concept is one of the pioneers in the industry.

A MUST-HAVES for a Successful Logo

Creating an unique legendary logo is undoubtedly one of the keys to success. Your logo could very well be your most important brand asset, especially for a startup business. It can get your customers recognition and inspire trust.

The following examples highlights the brand logo we made according to customer requirements. Through these valuable real cases, we believe in fully understanding your situation and determining the importance of a solution that is fully integrated with all aspects of your needs.

SHARE OURPride Success Stories

You're getting ready to watch the amazing stories of our great customers, real or imagined, and it's going to be creation of hope and triumph.

Urban LaceElegant Design, with the Planet in Mind

Urban Lace specializes in making unique eco-friendly designer jewelry. She one of a kind jewelry is created from recycled bicycle inner tubes collected from local bike shops.

They also use recycled ultra micro fiber from post industrial fabric waste in order to create their bold and colorful pieces. They create elegant design with the planet in mind.


El SilencioArtisanal Mezcal Liquor

They are the Mezcal craft brand located in Los Angeles. Its products are produced by Pedro Hernandez, the ninth-generation Mezcalero master, in Santa Bartazar Gravilla, Oaxaca.

As an organic Mezcal, they use only the finest and carefully selected 10-12 year old Espadin agaves. Their products are handmade in small batches. Like other artisanal Mezcals, El Silencio’s production does not involve any additives or industrial processes.

Forbidden DenimeriesSustainable Denim Wear

Mr. Mikael Vilchez is one of the very few Swiss designers having won three Swiss Design Awards (2015, 2017 & 2018) for his collections.

Forbidden Denimeries reinvents denim through sustainable jackets and accessories. Forged from both casual workwear and haute couture, the swiss brand promises contemporary, customizable and sustainable elegance through a keen sense of cut and innovative finishing techniques.


A Better ButtonA Unique Adapter that Helps Anyone

Lady "Cynthia Pershinsky", she is a special education teacher and a mom to 3 daughters. she oldest daughter has autism. Because her daughter's fine motor difficulties, it is extremely hard for daughter to close a pair of jeans on her own. So, Cynthia and her sister Suzanne designed a button adapter called "A Better Button".

It has a unique keyhole opening that instantly transforms the regular button on your jeans into an easy slide-on, slide-off closure. Now anyone, including her daughter, can open and close their jeans with ease and independence.


WyrmwoodQuality Gaming Supplies

The creation and appreciation of craft is universal. Wyrmwood is a team of craftsmen who create high quality gaming accessories for favorite tabletop games from premium hardwoods.

From role playing, to board games, to card games. There is a spirit of sharing and generosity that permeates the tabletop gaming community. She is committed to reflecting this spirit through charitable giving, and are always looking for opportunities to give back.

Stock & Barrel CoHandcrafted Leather Goods

Stock and Barrel started in 2012. This is not only their creative outlet, but also the source of their feelings. This is also the best memory of supporting with family and friends.

Many of their recent life milestones occurred in our studio in Ogden, Utah. They put their hard work and soul into it, and are proud of every American handmade leather product.


Mad HatterWarped & Woven

The name Mad Hatter Warped and Woven is synonymous with quality, beauty and heart-shaped weaving. They were the first company to produce heart-shaped knits, and created the world of baby wear with their unique knitting and impeccable style. They not only make exquisite, hand-woven and hand-woven baby wraps, but also design high-end handbags, ties, souvenirs, etc.

It is a brilliant idea to let their customers spend all their babies with love, hugs and sleepy dust!


Wolfe Co.Premium Canadian-Made Clothing

Today, many major brands are outsourced to poorly regulated factories in countries with the lowest work standards. By supporting their local talents, they become economic and environmentally conscious producers and consumers.

Their products are made in Canada. They do not mass produce; they rely heavily on small family businesses across Canada that invest in truly community-driven brand ideas.



Every story is a critical part of building your brand. Do it right, and you’ll put creating logos in place that allow you to develop a thriving brand with an equally thriving future, one that people buy from simply because they love what you make and what you stand for.

We looking forward to seeing your marvelous project can be shown here. Our team hope you are ready to join for a journey in attain a remarkable achievement that will stage in the future.