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This SME website is dedicated to some customers whose unable to reach our standard order quantity unit 10K pcs or above. Should you able to meet this quantity, please click here and email to our "Enterprise Customers" division.


For SME customers, please see how to complete this order form and details as follows:

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Pearl Prong Fastener - Printing

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Material & Finishes - Complete set made from brass; surface electroplating.


Size Specification - See the following of each bottom components & select the "Size" in part #2 accordingly.

Fastener Size


1. Minimum Order Quantity (500 SETS) - If order quantity is lower than default MOQ, you need to pay an additional cost on the first time order(s); Reaching the above quantity will not charge this fee. *Note: the 2nd and later repeat orders (same logo) need to be reached certain order quantity range. *Click here to see details.


2. Completed Your Order Form - When complete this page, please click "Order" (Desktop version) / "Add to Cart" (Mobile version) button. After that this page will jump to "Your Shopping Cart" page, and click "Proceed to Checkout". In this checkout page, fill in your personal / shipping destination ... etc ; Shipping fee will be shown at the last row in the page.


3. How To Pay - You can choose either Paypal or Bank Wire send a USD payment to us. Please note that through online payment , our system will add the "Payment Charge", this fee is equal to bank remittance fee & currency exchange fee handled by Paypal. *Click here to see details.


*No actual production sample to be submitted; please expected that around 3 weeks to be completed your goods. Finished product picture will be emailed before shipment.






A. Logo Mold - Please click here to read about the plans.


B. Logo Size - Due to the limitation of components' size spec and assembling issues, the mold is incompatible to used sharing other custom item; Except that you'll agree to pay the repeat logo mold fee.


C. Logo Design - We don't provide design services. Reminding that a complex outline / font logo design may cause the bad machining results. Hence, use a simple & unique logo will be the best. About the size scales, we suggest that you may use graphic software to pre-screening & scaling between logo vs actual button size.


D. Quick View Function - See this icon Quick View Function represent you can view more information. Please use your mouse point to image and click it. The extra detail will be shown in a popup window. *Note that mobile devices may not use this special function.



Snap Button


Above demonstration logos design might be a registered trademark. Please do not copy or similar in your design.





Custom Logo Prong Snap Stud Snapping Snapped Buttons

Great logo design can be boosted up your item to be more unique. See more about our custom capped snap fastener buttons today.

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