At Buttoncare, we are not only produced the multinational companies' order but also helped the micro-small businesses to develop their custom items. This small business (SME) scheme is designed as a response to the growing inquiries for this customer class.


Buttoncare | SME Products


In fact, it is not a profitable scheme because the order quantity is less in SME; Besides of us, there are seldom manufacturers willing to develop the related item, however, we aim is to provide a concept that cannot be matched by other suppliers - Accepts the smaller order quantities & balancing costs. Why we do this?


Because 90% customers on this SME are the micro-business companies or individual creators. We all knew that they worked hard to create their great project. They want about achieving their dreams to be a well-known brand in the market. Hence, we believe they place another new standard order quantity in someday. "Together We Make The Dream A Reality"




CUSTOM : Prong Snaps • Capped Snaps • Snap Fasteners • Sewing Buttons • Jeans Buttons • Jeans Rivets • Eyelets • Grommets