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Sourcing the products and suppliers through us.
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Although we are not an one of the traditional established button manufacturers, we have a great deal of experience. Our aim is to provide a service that cannot be matched by other button suppliers. Our experience means that we understand our customers needs. Whether you are a small family business or a large multi-national company. Our service is the same to you.
What is Premier ONE
Buttoncare's customised business sourcing service, finds your experienced to penetrate the China Supplier market. We will pre-screen a potential China supplier based on your requirements and confirm their interest beforehand. We may even arrange the sample, bulk goods and shipment for you . You can stay worry-free and simply focus on your business negotiations.
Expend your business
  • Helping you to find potential supplier to your business needs within 48 - 72 working hours.
  • Providing the best quality control team to investigate your goods before shipping from factory
  • Reporting you the latest news of goods or sampling status everyday.
  • Full converage service follow up your order from sample, bulk to deliver the goods to your destination.
  • Free of charge in Consulting fee.
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If you interest to join Premier One programme, please click here Buttoncare Premier One Centre email to us. All email response will be feedback to customer within 48 hours.

Our Working Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 5:00. HongKong Time (GMT+8)