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Buttoncare SME is fully own by Acrocare (Hong Kong) Corporation Limited, one of the undisputed leaders of the highly competitive fasteners and accessories industry, has invested significant time and resources to protect and promote its trademarks and service marks, equating them with the same high standards of quality that distinguish the Buttoncare SME product line.


Trademarks are important for establishing and protecting corporate and product identity, but they are fragile rights that can be lost through misuse. Trademarks must be used properly and consistently otherwise the trademark risks becoming generic, making the mark impossible to enforce (as happened with aspirin, zipper and cellophane).


You may cite the correct representation of our trademarks in Proper Usage Guidelines


What are Trademarks and Service Marks? 
Trademarks and service marks are words, acronyms, logos, symbols, taglines, or slogans that identify and distinguish a company as the source of its products and services. The owner of a valid trademark may prevent others from using its mark for particular goods or services, and may recover monetary damages caused by another's infringement.


Trademarks and service marks can be classified in two categories: 
Registered marks (indicated by the ® symbol) have undergone the appropriate legal process and are registered with the HKSAR Trademark Office. (Marks also may be registered in individual states and foreign countries.)


Common law (unregistered) marks (indicated by the ™ or SM symbol) have not been formally registered, but may still be valid and enforceable (although registration provides additional legal rights).


Keep in mind that every potential Buttoncare SME trademark must be cleared through legal searches prior to adoption to reduce potential infringements, whether or not they will go through the formal registration process.