BOTTOM : (S-Type) Ø14mm ~ 9/16" / (R-Type) Ø13mm ~ 33/64"

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Material & Finishes - Complete set is made of a metal of brass, which processed to the electroplating of desirable color from your option.

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Spring press fasteners can be divided into S and R spring types. Please read through the following specifications.

This order form is specifically for customers who cannot meet the "Standard" order quantity unit: 14.4K above. If you are eligible, please click here to contact our "Enterprise" department.

How to Order - Please fill in the above order form. The minimum order quantity for the first order is 144 sets; the next repeat order requires a certain minimum order quantity, please refer to the FAQ. "Note : The quantity entered must not be less than the default setting; Deliberately entering the wrong quantity and requesting to cancel the order, a handling fee may be charged."

Workflow Process - When your order is confirmed, we will send you a black and white technical sketch by email within 3 working days. If the sketch is successfully approved, we will arrange your order to queue up on the production line on the next working day. "Note : We will not provide you with approved samples before production, and it cannot change any part of the order content during this production stage". After the product is completed, we will send you an email with a picture of the complete product attached before shipment.

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