• Pad Printing Custom Logo Eyelets Grommets

Material & Finishes - Complete set is made of a metal of brass, which processed to the electroplating and enameling of desirable color from your option. Note: A top piece of eyelet does not coat a plating, the reverse sided remained the raw material color of yellow, See Below - A

In the size list of abbreviations, please read through the meaning below - B

Dome & Rim styles - Providing two types of design surfaces in Dome (C) and Rim (D). The rim type is only available in the large diameter grommet. See the remarks (Rim) in the size list.

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HOW TO ORDER & OUR WORKFLOW - After registering an account and logging in, you can see the entire form above, and then please fill in all the information so that you can see the price in the checkout page section. The minimum order quantity for the first order is 2000 pieces. You can enter a larger quantity than the default value, but a certain minimum order quantity is required for the next repeat order. Please refer to the FAQ. Note : The quantity entered must not be less than the MOQ; if you deliberately enter the wrong quantity and request to cancel the order, a handling fee may be charged.

We will send you a black and white technical sketch by email within 3 working days after your payment. If the draft approval is successful, we will arrange for your order to be queued for production. We will not provide you with approved samples before production, and you cannot change any part of the order content during this production stage. After the product is completed, we will send you an email containing the complete product picture.

⚠️ IMPORTANT : Based on our many years of experience processing orders for SMEs, there are many customers who do not use the free logo service we originally reviewed and directly upload their sketch here. There are also situations where customers choose the wrong product, enter the wrong option, or enter a large quantity, resulting in an incorrect amount displayed at checkout. In the end, they too were forced to give up and choose to leave our site.

Although you can see that this is a small product, there are many techniques and workmanship involved behind the scenes to make the final product for you. We highly recommend that you Click Here to upload your logo sketch to us. After reviewing it, please come back here to check the price.

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Initial Evaluation of Your Logo
Not all logo lines and designs can be made, so we provide a free logo pre-evaluation service to estimate the possibility of production results. Click Here to submit your work to our Buttoncare | SME team.
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