• Pad Printing Custom Logo Eyelets Grommets

Material & Finishes - Complete set is made of a metal of brass, which processed to the electroplating and enameling of desirable color from your option. Note: A top piece of eyelet does not coat a plating, the reverse sided remained the raw material color of yellow, See Below - A

In the size list of abbreviations, please read through the meaning below - B

Dome & Rim styles - Providing two types of design surfaces in Dome (C) and Rim (D). The rim type is only available in the large diameter grommet. See the remarks (Rim) in the size list.

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FIRST ORDER - The minimum order requirement is 2k sets * Please do not enter a number less than the default quantity; if you intentionally enter the wrong quantity, you will need to pay a surcharge for canceling the order.

REPEAT ORDER - The minimum order requirement is 10k sets, please contact us so that we can quote at the price of a small business.

ORDER PROCESSING - We will send you a black and white approval sketch via email within 3 working days. Once the sketch is approved, your item will be queued in production. "You cannot change any part of the order content at this stage." After the product is completed, we will send you an email with pictures of the finished products before shipment. (Note: We will not provide actual approved samples before starting production.)

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