New Concept To Bring A More Affordable Experience For Small Businesses



At Buttoncare, we are not only produced the multinational companies' order but also helped the micro-small businesses to develop their custom items. This small business (SME) scheme is designed as a response to the growing inquiries for this customer class.


To keep pace with the changing needs of different buyers, our team has launched its Small-Order Zone. The new initiative to facilitate starters to order quality products in small quantity, was launched at December 2013.


This small business program is designed as a response to the growing trend for smaller orders, and to facilitate buyer connections with us accepting smaller minimum order quantities.





Let's Make Our Dreams Come True Together


In fact, it is not a profitable and out of reality scheme. As known, the order quantity is less in small-businesses. Due to this business reason, there are seldom manufacturers are moving development of the related project.


A large proportion of customers are the micro-business companies or individual creators. We all knew that they worked hard to create their great project. They want about achieving their dreams to be a well-known brand in the market.



We aim is to provide a concept that cannot be matched by other suppliers - Accepts the smaller order quantities & balancing costs. We believe they can be placed us another new standard order quantity in someday. We hope that Together Can Make The Dream A Reality.