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Our Capped prong fastener are made primarily from fine brass and conform to International Safety Standard such as Pulling Testing, Nickel-Free and Lead-Free content. We provide varies diameter from the Lights - 8mm (13 Ligne) up to Heavy - 17mm (27 Ligne) are available with varying length to accomodate different material thicknesses. It all fulfill the requirements of most duty applications as found in apparel and leather goods.
Series Cap Top Diameter Technical Recommendation
Lights 8.0mm (13L, 11/32") Suitable for Baby and Infants wear
  9.0mm (14L, 11/32")
Medium 10.0mm (16L, 13/32") Suitable for Children, Toddler wear, Blouse and any fashionSuitable for Children, Toddler wear, Blouse and any fashion
  11.0mm (17L, 7/16")
  12.0mm (18L, 15/32")
Mega 14.0mm (22L, 9/16") Mega & Heavy: Suitable for Jacket, Coat, Leather or any fastening product
  15.0mm (24L, 5/8")
Heavy 17.0mm (27L, 22/32")
Please note: Above diameters shown in "Ligne & Inch" is a approximate figure converting from "mm - minimeter".