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Buttoncare's Tack button own a wide range of materials, finishes and conditioning processes, Our intensive materials and consistent use of innovative technology set new standards, as do our finishes: whether polished, brushed, gilded, antique, matt, silky or high-gloss, they're resistant to all types of washing and conditioning processes.
The tack button are made primarily from fine brass & conform to International Safety Standard such as Nickel-Free and Lead-Free content. We provide varies top diameter from the size of 12.5 mm (20 Ligne) up to 25 mm (40 Ligne).
Structures & Features
buttoncare-tack-traditional   buttoncare-tack-plastic-insert   buttoncare-tack-moveable   buttoncare-tack-plastic
Attached to garment by pushing through the weave, not by cutting into it. arrow Closed version with metal cap and metal shank. arrow Closed and open versions with metal cap and metal shank. arrow Low-cost solution & Closed version with metal cap & high-grade, unbreakable plastic shank.
High pull-out strength even on special fabrics. arrow High-quality, unbreakable plastic insert for high pull-out strength. arrow High pull-out strength thanks to large pressing surface.  
Attached with a two-points burr.   arrow Suitable for any fabrics such as denim, twill and canvas..etc  
All are wide variety of design options for logo design: galvanic or lacquered surfaces, die-cast alloy tops, tops in fashionable design or with custom embossing - Click here to view more.