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Extremely tough, with outstandingly high pull-out strength of our rivets & burrs, Particularly suited to multiple layers of fabric, Rivet pierces the fabric itself and is attached by pushing through the weave, not by cutting into it, Avaliable in Open and Closed versions and paired by Four kinds of rivet structure designs - Endless styling possibilities of various styles .
Buttoncare's Rivet and Burr are made primarily from fine brass & conform to International Safety Standard such as Nickel-Free and Lead-Free content. We provide varies top diameter from the size of 8 mm (13 Ligne) up to 12.5 mm (20 Ligne).
Structures & Features
Buttoncare-Rivet-Burr-Traditional   Buttoncare-Rivet-Burr-Dome   Buttoncare-Rivet-Burr-Preforation   Buttoncare-Rivet-Burr-Tack
arrow Available in Brass, Alloy & Aluminmum made with many types of electro-plated and surface coatings. arrow Closed version, especially suitable for acrylic or glass rhinestone Inlay design, Available in brass, and many types of electroplated and surface coatings.
arrow Roll Up end structure with well-exploded conditions under assembly between top and bottom parts arrow Appropriate for a wide range of thick materials such as leather or canvas.
arrow High stability and High tear-off strength.
arrow Appropriate for a wide range of materials and thicknesses. Pierces the fabric itself. Suitable for any fabrics such as denim, twill and canvas..etc
All are wide variety of design options for logo design: galvanic or lacquered surfaces, die-cast alloy tops, tops in fashionable design or with custom embossing - Click here to view more.