In 2013, our retail website Colorsnaps’ to promote the custom made items, we received many positive reviews. Hence, we decided to moving back all these categories to Buttoncare's SME website at Dec 2014. Provides the professional, quality and superior services.






From now , we would like to thank all of you who showed support in the things we do. To show our appreciation, we are giving away 5% discount to New Customers purchase on the first day of each month.



*Please note that this special offers is only applicable to the new customers whose are able to meet the default setting of Minimum Order Quantity required; Non-coverage to the item of Tool, Shipping Fee & Checkout Payment Charge.



How to get the Discount Refunds


It is easy way, placing the order and payment together in the first day of each month based on the local time and date in Hong Kong (see the day zone). We will refund this discount amount within three business days to your Paypal account.




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Please submit your account registration form click here. A confirmation will be emailed to confirm the registration details upon successful registration.



* Here’s wishing you Happy Order from all of us at Buttoncare | SME !